Paste you address here for beta NEM (Testnet XEM)

Hi ! Please send some beta NEM coins


This is the testnet channel,
Only testnet XEM for testing the mobile app and co. are sent out in here and NO REAL XEM.

You can see this on the T infront of the testnet addresses opposite to the N for normal accounts in the live network.

If you want to earn XEM, pls get engaged inside the community. There is plenty of possibilities, for example with finding and reporting bugs in the mobile wallet.

Hi, I would like to test with TACUAI-EJOSUN-QLNBNJ-NI6JD4-Z55RWC-AE7IB6-NSD4

Hi ! Please send some beta NEM coins.

Hi guys :slight_smile: My test address is TBPL6F-J2OQGS-P6IJWZ-PMSL67-BQ6U3I-LIHVK3-D3EY

In the first post of this thread you can find private key´s that you just need to scan with the mobile app and then you can access xem beta funds for testing. :wink:
Please post which key you used in the thread over there.

I’ve read that thread and tried all of them. All gave me “Failed to import account” error. I’m not sure if they can be imported only once or what was wrong

Back up your account (export account function)
Then clear your cache,
reimport your wallet and try to scan it again.

Of course, the camera is opened from Add account/Scan QR button, and after it detects the QR code (the phone vibrates), the message “Failed to import account” is shown

Just saw your in telegram too, Nikhil wrote in the nem mobile app channel what to do about it.

thanks, i’ll check it out :wink:


Thank you.


Thank you.

Sent 100k xem.

Thank you very much.


Sent 500000TXEM

Some txem here please


Need some testnet to check NanoWallet : TAY2YY-U6V7O3-NQXRGC-ZCSGX7-UYT7WS-5IJW2W-LHFZ