Paste you address here for beta NEM (Testnet XEM)

Hi, I just got test NEM mobile app on my iPhone. I would appreciate if someone could send me some XEM to test the app. Thank you. My add;

Hi if you like, you can scan a QR code from the first post in here:

Just please post which key you used so that we can delete it from the list.

Hi, thanks for quick response. I have scanned a QR code Testnet #16.

You are welcome, happy testing! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I sent you some TestXEM


Great App !!.. further Tests with some Testnet XEM


If I could also have an opinion about what QR Code Scanning App I should get for my android phone. The app that I currently have doesn’t seem to be working :slight_smile:

Hello there, i’m using the android app and have 2 problems, first i don’t know how to pm the admin in this forum to have them add me in the telegram group, gosh i’m so noob ): , second, the qr reader on the app doesn’t seem to work, i’m trying to use other app, but the only option is to copy the content of the qr, but on the NEM app, we don’t have a place to paste the QR content, what should i do ?

if it help, my telegram account is @Pilabius and my QR from NEM app is TAEWZU-BCTA7C-UB675K-WAGL6R-2C3QDC-5MA5O2-FUCK (yes there is a “fuck” in my code lol

Hi there i dont recieve my withdrwal on exchanger to beta wallet app this is my beta wallet address

You should use the scanner built in the NEM app. It is the only one that can read the QRs. Some older Android devices might not support it.

You might also want to check to make sure that the NEM app has access to your camera.


It is impossible for exchanges to withdrawal to the NEM app. They won’t let you do that as it will be an error on their side. You funds will still be in the exchange.

The NEM app in this thread are only for the testnet with testXEM. Exchanges use real XEM.

I sent you 380 testXEM so you can play with the app.

Understood, I think may android device might not support it(Samsung Galaxy Light). I will download it on my new android phone(Kyocera) and give it a whirl.




My Nem apps (server error occurred) how to fix this?


please send some xem