Path of Exile Currency Exchange Platform For Players

I need to install new payment methods for my PoE Currency Exchange Website - Poecurrencybuy and I am considering to accept one of a few chosen Crypto Currencies (My clients would surely like it). Having said that I would like to know if there are any NEM users that would be willing to either sell their Path of Exile currency (any big traders here?) or if there are any gamers that are buying stuff in games, and would like to see a store that accepts that as a medium of exchange?

If you can, take a look, the address is here

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Hi BrautiAndr,

I didn’t even know what “Path of Exile” was.
Checked … They claim there are only 140k users worldwide, which may make the quest to find supporters amongst the NEM community hard.
Else, for payment “acceptance” in a shop selling the PoE tokens you could use I guess. Else, setting up an automated exchange required more programming but due to the API features of NEM Blockchain it’s quite easy to do this. If PoE tokens can be as easily handled like XEMs :slight_smile:
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Really really really thanks, I would have a try :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

have a nice day

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