-perhaps a way to reduce errors and harm in transactional issues between different applications and exchanges.-

Hi to all.

I have a further suggestion for our forum. It is about the recurring problem with stock exchanges and transactions taking place there. I am only since Sep. 2017 here and notice that besides mobile apps, the biggest problem in the comunity are the stock exchanges.

The problem here is the sheer volume of stock exchanges and their different rules and conditions of use. Here I just want to briefly Poloniex with his news system and Livecoin. I am aware that we want to achieve the greatest possible amount of reach and adoption, but I believe that we should not do this at any price. I think we should steer that as far as possible.
I have a few suggestions for this. It may be that one or the other proposal is not feasible. If so, I am ready to learn.

No. 1

I would like to know if we as a community can introduce a kind of traffic light system for the stock exchanges. Or any kind of evaluation system. I realize that we run the risk of losing one or the other support but as I said not at any price.

No. 2

I think in the end we could create a short guide for the respective acquisition possibilities and mediate. Here we could briefly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the respective providers, without direct recommendations or warnings.

No. 3

A list with approximate transaction times that is updated again and again. Here you could see how long an average transaction takes and that could take one or the other the fear of a possible loss and animate to wait. That could lead to less panic inquiries.

I think that points 1 and 2 would also be feasible for apps. Unfortunately, I have no idea in what frame exactly this can be implemented. i think maybe on the tech support branch or even as extra branch e.g. Exchange policies. What do you think makes this sense?

Many Thanks

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Sounds very doable and like a good idea. Problem will be to find people who file actively maintain it. This infromation would need to be checkd daily, otherwise it’s not worth a whole lot.
I really like the idea though as it might keep newcomers from using shitty exchanges.

Yes, point three could be time consuming. but a volunteer could be paid by community donations, take on this task and make micro transactions every 2 days. every 2 weeks, you could then stimulate the exchanges with bigger amounts and thus always create an approximate average of the transactions.

I still think that more needs to happen. There are many areas in which progress needs to be made. Man should always have prevention and foresight instead of practicing damage limitation later on.