Pessimism? Signals of institutional investors picking up?

I just buy more NEMs while watching.


Interesting, do you have any more detailed analysis?


The local view of Japan is the month of payment of bonuses by major companies.
And the salary period and consecutive holidays also overlap.
Some traders may also be interested in XYM because they have plans for OPTIN.
There are also people who trade with bonuses and salaries.
There are a lot of people aiming for them, so…

There are some unconfirmed things that cannot be predicted as the scale.
This month’s news on China’s domestic water damage and some investment trust distrust projects was raised.
It is also suggested that asset movements frequently occur due to the US-China conflict.
Taking into account the global unrest, we cannot overlook the movement of Chinese and Chinese wealthy people.

It is expected that asset movements will become more active in the future.


Selling short-term FX?
Disappointment sale behind POTIN?

I secured and purchased the minimum target number of XEM physical products, and completed the purchase.
Still, just buy XEM up to OPTIN.

I am buying more XRP as a backup while watching the situation.

I am looking forward to seeing the shortest soar in 3-5 years.

Investment is the individual responsibility of each individual.


Selling has stopped and is in a state of a break.
It depends on the trend of the commuting group and the trend of short selling to FX users.

That spike in price was possible buy from new users attracted by NEM hub promotion and social advertising. Now things are going back to normal until opt in release.


I hope it’s an OPTIN expected purchase.
I personally don’t like this curve.

It’s okay to go down to the normal rate, but the disappointment sale of short-term holders is nourishment.
I just ask for a chance to buy more in the right place.

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Looking at charts like this, it is expected that there will be unspecified XEM short-selling investors until mid-August.
Chart monitoring is important for those who want to buy cheaply.
The opportunity to buy cheaply is the moment.

Prepare to secure the minimum required number by OPTIN of XYM.

First I wrote some omen about this curve.
I hate it because each currency rate is related and noisy.

Investment is at your own risk.
Choose a sales outlet with a cool judgment.

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0.05$ seems to be maximun amount for NEM. I would be surprised if it ever goes past 0.2$ again.


Please be aware that this is a negative story first.
I think that a currency with a large number of issuances will be tough if there is no material that can swing greatly.
It can be said that stock trading is common, but such currencies inevitably add to short-selling people and the price increase is suppressed.

However, I think the change in value is the focus of expansion of users and regions.
Promotion is important because the influence of the inflow of funds will greatly affect the supply and demand.

When I go up
It is the investment world that strongly prepares to benefit…
As I mentioned earlier, we also have other currencies available.

For a while, I think you can expect profits from short-term short sales, but you cannot expect profits from short-term holders.
It seems that XYM will be held over the medium to long term while investing with surplus money.


I am planning to hold XEM and XYM for 3 to 10 years to see them.

What is your XEM&XYM hold schedule?

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Sell if it ever cross 0.2$ which I highly doubt as it will probably slide out of top 30 soon.


Don’t be such a pessimist.

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Rank #32 soon in CMC and many lower cap coins in frenzy mode.


I think the XEM will drop once, but I’m not pessimistic.
A small investment is a good idea to wait patiently and urgently.
I own more than 100000XEM, but I think that I am buying more when it drops before OPTIN.

However, since the act of directing all assets to investment is bad for mental health, let’s manage with excess funds.

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