Pivate key with 96 digits?

Dear NEM-Support,
I’ve bought some NEM in 2017 to my address NACRMVJQ2QR66TZSTDNZDXWT6X526IFTKXHORPFG and never moved them. Stored in an iOS wallet and now I’ve read about the problem with restored wallets.
On the day I created the wallet I also saved my public and private key as well as the Name of my wallet and the Password.

This is my Public Key
and my private key has 96 digits. When trying to insert it into the desktop wallet I fail.

Is there a matching solution to my problem?

Kind regards

96 length is of course invalid/corrupted key.
You can try use last 64 signs or first 64 signs. Just blind try.

Thank you for taking the time. I’ve tried it but it didn’t work.

So I’m afraid you need backup of private key from time of wallet creation.