Platform Over NEM's blockchain


I am not really sure if this goes here. I am trying to build an entire platform for business application with the use case of storage record over NEM’s platform. I need to open communication channels with NEM’s technical team if possible regarding data structures/parsing speed/cost/security etc…

How can I go about doing so?


Hello there,

I would suggest you have a look into existing projects using NEM :slight_smile: I made PacNEM and used the blockchain to store high scores for examples (using JSON messages and mosaic amounts). Though I would really not advise to use the blockchain as a means of storage in this specific case - PacNEM just showcases the easiness of it. Blockchains are really far from being performant storage units :stuck_out_tongue: so when it comes to reading/writing, its quite slow. Nevertheless, have fun! :slight_smile:

Ok now, if you want you can join on Telegram: the NEM::Red channel is where most of the community is and then some people in there can invite you to the tech channel. might be a good first read about the NEM SDK (for Javascript).

To be honest I am new to NEM, never considered NEM. But my clients who want to build a new enterprise application actually suggested to me to look into NEM because of NEM Enterprise Use Cases - Secure Records. Although they want a prototype, I dont think a PacNEM based approach is the right way given the amount of investment being put into this. Look at it this way, I am doing a feasibility study.

I think the best and easiest way for you to get in touch with the nem devs and actually quite a few devs working on/with nem is to join the telegram/slack channels.

If you can tell us a little more about your project we might be able to give you some pointers right away though.
Generally speaking it is an awful idea to put big chunks of data on the blockchain. Using the blockchain to make sure data are consistent is one thing, but actually puting all the data on the chain is, unless they are very small amounts, a really bad idea. This goes for any chain, not just for nem. If you want that in a decentralized way you may wanna look into IPFS and the likes.

Tell us a little more if you can and if not join the slack/telegram channels and you’ll be helped :slight_smile:

My understanding of the blockchain is essentially validation hence I personally don’t think I might diverge from that path (unless there is new technology I am not aware of). But as a validation tool, using the blockchain is a good approach. I looked into IPFS and FileCoin etc… but I believe Apache Hadoop has already solved that problem, I mean from a security standpoint.

NDA - hence I can’t reveal too much information. Sorry

Yes, for validation i.e. ensuring consistency of data the blockchain is absolutely great. So if that’s what you’re going for then you’re definitely going to be happy with NEM. You might wanna look at which is a module for the nem client called nanowallet which uses nem for exactly that (and more).
Other than that…join slack and telegram :slight_smile:


Thanks Gevs & Memario.

Memario - yes we are looking for along the lines of consistency and validation.