Please help about super node [MOVED]

Hello my super node’s name is “nkzsn2”.
I could not make it in time for the update on August 20, after that I updated it to 0.6.93 along with the change of the server, set the node and message “Change NAFUNDBUKIOSTMD4BNXL7ZFE735QHN7A3FBS6CMY” to IP at this address. However, since the node was not restarted, I thought whether it was a problem on the server side, and then changed the server. However, because the node restart could not be confirmed, we posted a message several times to change the name “nkzsn 2”.
However, after that, again because it is not reflected in https: // / history. Still, since it is not reflected, I changed the name to “nkzsn1”, but it was useless. And I also changed it to the name “nkzsn 2”, and repeated such a thing.
Now is has become offline if you search [nkzsn1] in, IP “” is the name is [nkzsn2], has been online.
as a result
Please tell me the advice that IP address “” and name “nkzsn2” can revive to Super node. What kind of problem is it?
For reference … Please see the following.
It is stopped on August 20 as it was before.
Please advise me that I can revive to the super node.
Thank you

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