Please join us for my node harvest festival

Hello. :innocent:
Iā€™d like to advertise a my node today.

My node has a policy of harvest joy and wealth distribution.
Therefore, since the launch, we have been consistently
We have been running a campaign for harvesters.

It goes something like this.

If a node owner harvests, about (total)10 xym will be distributed to all delegated harvesters.

If a delegated harvester harvests, about 10 xym tip will be sent him.

When one of the delegated harvesters harvests,
from the node owner distribute about (total)10 xym to all delegated harvesters.

When the generated block height is a multiple of 100, 70 xym will be sent to the harvester.

When the generated block height is a multiple of 10, 7 xym is sent to the harvester.

These are the measures that we usually take.

In addition, in May, Zaif the large exchange in Japan, decided to distribute XYM.
To celebrate this, some Japanese communities are giving back the following additional rewards.

My node is below.

#Extra 1
Send 100xym to the harvester if the last two digits of the generated block are doublet.
(example, ā€˜00ā€™,ā€˜11ā€™,ā€˜22ā€™,ā€˜33ā€™,ā€¦ .etc)
[#Extra 1] is only available until 5/31.

Once you have achieved these conditions, and after waiting for the block generation to be finalized, the
The program will automatically send you a tip.
The only procedure required to receive this campaign is delegated harvesting.

Because of these benefits, even less important and difficult to harvest holders can benefit from the program.

If you find it interesting, please join us.

[ ]
Acceptable : (64 / 100)
Policy : Age (first arrival)

God bless you.
God bless NEM people.
And God bless all of harvesters.

Thank you.


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