Please stop using brain wallet! and Refund to you


@Getriba Thank you very much for contacting us.
Since I will perform personal authentication from now on, I will contact you separately in a private message.
Please wait for a while.


Ok ill wait your message, thanks!



Thank you very much for your cooperation in the certification work.

We will terminate refund work with the following transaction.

Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:



Please help me. but i don’t use brain wallet… new wallet:NCPN2RXKDRD7YEIY6MP3E4H5K66CEXSYMRWVQ5D2


Hello. please help me. , i don’t use brain wallet, but i cant’t use my xem… sorry for my english. my wallet NAJJXK-VPV23V-6YO53B-YUVFPN-6MHN4V-JRMHI4-T6VX you send me message in my wallet.



but i’m waiting for COMSA coin in my wallet.



Since there is support time, correspondence other than this time is not basically done.

If you find that you are a legitimate owner, we will proceed immediately.
Before that, please explain the difference in recognition.

Actually locking Wallet is a collaborator of the whitelist, so I gave you a detailed situation.

Even if I examine it, it is Brain wallet whatever you think.
The establishment that this address is generated from simple wallet is zero.

Still, if you are not a brain wallet, please tell me the basis for your decision.

Also, please refrain from the series.
No matter what kind of reasons, we will not be able to respond quickly.
COMSA deposit address registration has not been done yet.
If urgency is high, you can receive a COMSA token if you prepare a different address.

Thank you.


sorry, I just have not seen their messages. And I bad know English, tell me what to do. Thank you.


Это кошелек мозга.
В чем причина, почему это не Блейн Кошелек?

Это очень важно.

Пожалуйста, скажи мне.

This is Brain wallet. What is the reason why it is not Blaine Wallet?

This is very important.

please tell me.


я создавал простой кошелек (на сколько я помню), а потом экспортировал из *.wlt файла когда переустанавливал операционную систему


I created a simple wallet (as I remember), and then exported from *.wlt file when re-installed the operating system


Если этот секретный ключ был сгенерирован с использованием простого кошелька, это большая проблема для NEM.

Происходит ли такая ситуация, я спрошу разработчиков.
Мы будем предпочтительно делать это, поэтому немедленно ответьте.

If this secret key was generated using simple wallet, this is a big problem for NEM.

Whether this kind of thing happens, I will inquire developers.
We will preferentially do so, so please respond immediately.


I don’t remember what wallet I created originally, sorry. now I imported the wallet from wlt file. how I can check for you?


Я думаю, что это кошелек мозга, который я сделал первым.
Если вы используете файл wlt, вы можете это сделать, это еще кошелек мозга.
Я думаю, что это такой сценарий, вы согласны?

Прошу прощения. Сейчас мы должны сделать приватный приват, поэтому переписка будет проходить после 0:00 по Гринвичу.

I think that it is brain wallet that I made the very first. If you use the wlt file you can do it, it is still brain wallet. I think it is such a scenario, can you agree?

I’m sorry. There is something we must do privately now, so the correspondence will be after 0 am GMT.


maybe… I’ll wait for instructions. will be able to reply in 8 hours later. Thank you.


Although I’m not using a brain wallet, it’s good to know about this. Thanks for your information.


Thank you very much for your cooperation in the certification work.
We will terminate refund work with the following transaction.

Lock Fund Transaction:

Refund Transaction:




A new hacking incident was reported, so we will report it.

Topics that have been reported will be here.

Hacker’s address is the following address.
This hacker continues hacking specializing in mosaics other than xem.

( Please note that this address is probably created by the next known hacker. )

We are always looking for vulnerable brain wallet.
And we only act on addresses in the next state.

  • Users who have more than a certain xem lock will lock their accounts.
  • Send an encrypted warning message to users who have a small amount of xem.
  • For Mosaic’s possession, we do not see the presence / absence. (We will not do anything)

Many hackers up until now steal xem even at the same address, and mostly mosaic is not stolen.
A high owner of xem is protected from hackers because we protect the address.
For this reason, there is a possibility that a hacker hacking attack on NEM began to aim for Mosaic.

Nevertheless, we send some kind of warning message to addresses that have been deposited with over 0.0000001 xem or more.

We will not warn against owners who have only Mosaic in the future.


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