Please stop using brain wallet! and Refund to you


Здравствуйте! Не могу войти в свой аккаунт. файл с расширением .wlt удален, есть только логин и кодовое слово, приватного ключа так же нет. можно ли восстановить приватный ключ и есть возможность зайти в свой аккаунт?


Hello! Can’t log in to your account. a file with the extension .wlt is removed, there is only a login and a code word of the private key. is it possible to recover a private key and have the ability to log in to your account?


Если вы хотите войти в аккаунт, у вас должен быть .wlt файл + пароль или закрытый ключ. Вот почему, похоже, вы теряете свои жетоны.

Единственный шанс, что ваш кошелек был мозговой кошелек, и вы помните пароль. Если это мозговой кошелек (и вы помните пароль для него), перейдите в nano Sign Up -> Brain wallet (tab) -> введите кодовую фразу и подтвердите парольную фразу с паролем, который вы помните, имя кошелька не имеет значения.

Если ваш кошелек был простым кошельком, вы можете попробовать восстановить свой .wlt файл с диска с помощью одного из инструментов восстановления данных.

If you want login to account you must have .wlt file + password or private key. That’s why it looks like you lose your tokens.

The only chance is that your wallet was brain wallet and you remember password. If this is brain wallet (and you remember password for it) please go to nano Sign Up -> Brain wallet (tab) -> enter passphrase and confirm passphrase with password you remember, wallet name doesn’t matter.

If your wallet was simple wallet you can try recover your .wlt file from disk with one of data recovery tools.


В аакаунт я зашла, но денег у меня нет давно не заходила. и кто то еще в сентябре перевел мои деньги на неизвестный счет. что мне делать?


Не могли бы вы дать свой общий адрес?

Could you give your public address ?


Hello. account I went ,but my money transferred to someone unknown to me address how you can return the money that was September 13. is it possible to help me?


Is there a story related to this topic?

Either way, I can not answer with less information.
Please fill in the NEM address.
And please tell me what has become of it.

Thank you.

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Hello. account number where the money went NALSZN-LEBEVF-RVJEDH-XTSSY7-IGY2UN-U6QDIH-YHRN. they are there and lie. what information is still discarded?


After you create that your Address, you have received payment from -6G6A.
Please tell me the relationship between you and -6G6A.


This is my address NBBVXW-A6EGVA-QUQIOG-YBYPL4-MLED2N-FSRX26-6G6A. Help please return the money. Thank you


You have a Poloniex account.

  • In NanoWallet, please create a new Simple Wallet, not Brain Wallet.
  • Move all funds from your Poloniex account to a different location.
  • Please cancel 2FA.

If you are ready, please contact us as follows.
Please send me the e-mail address and password necessary for logging in private message. (It is preferable to change the password beforehand)

I check from Poloniex’s withdrawal history whether there is inbacco history in -6G6A.


I was 100 nem from POLONEX and 6500 from BITTREX . the money I lost , I did not understand you to give the password from what?


NAZXEM-KDB3IQ-K4NU2C-X6RHIQ-D342W2-AOKRYA-AJV3 + 0.000000 XEM Зашифровано
Wed, 27 Sep 2017 10:16:49 GMT
NALSZN-LEBEVF-RVJEDH-XTSSY7-IGY2UN-U6QDIH-YHRN - 6 570.747500 XEM Wed, 13 Sep 2017 20:52:30 GMT
ND2JRP-QIWXHK-AA26IN-VGA7SR-EEUMX5-QAI6VU-7HNR + 6 485.000000 XEM Tue, 22 Aug 2017 12:14:12 GMT
NBZMQO-7ZPBYN-BDUR7F-75MAKA-2S3DHD-CIFG77-5N3D + 85.747500 XEM Tue, 22 Aug 2017 12:09:17 GMT


Please go as directed by me. . I can not treat it as special only for you.


did not understand what to do?


This writing can be forged.
I do not know if the lie is true.
Screenshots can also be forged.
If you are a hacker this is as easy as this.

I only trust accurate data.
It is the data that the exchange displays.



я отправляю вам скрин моего аккаунта


I explained that screenshots are useless.
And your secret key is known to the world.
There are people other than you who have access to that screen.

There is no evidence capability.


if even that is necessary . you email I will send