Please tell me about the meta -> status of Get API


It is my first time to use a forum, so please point out if it is wrong.

I have a vested balance of over 30,000.
But, there is no harvest after September.
The nano wallet harvest is active.

So, I executed the Get API(http://{some node}/account/get?{my Wallet}) and got the following response.

	"meta": {
		"cosignatories": [],
		"cosignatoryOf": [],
		"status": "LOCKED",
		"remoteStatus": "ACTIVE"
	"account": {.....}

When “status” is “LOCKED”, is delegation harvest valid?

Is my luck only bad?


Hello, did you call API on same node you selected for harvesting?



No, I called the address of the any node.
I called API on the harvesting node, but the result was the same.



I tried unlock API.

API URL:http://{delegated node}/account/unlock
Mehtod:Post(use Postman)
Body Content Type: application/json

{"value" : "(my private key)"}

But, an error occurs.

    "timeStamp": 115184350,
    "error": "Unauthorized",
    "message": "remote ... attempted to call local /account/unlock with non-remote address ...",
    "status": 401

Are you making a mistake?


Sorry will check this later todayy what exactly showing this api. Little busy.


Hello again,

  1. You have this error because you used your main account private key instead of delegated account private key. Never use for that your main account private and never send it over Internet!
  2. As I said you should use your remote account. Also to check status you should use remote account and check on node where are you harvesting.


you should receive status: UNLOCKED and remoteStatus: REMOTE

Please check tool which can restart your harvesting for you (for example when node is restarted or goes offline).


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me.

I sent the secret key, so I transferred all the assets to my new wallet.
So, It will be possible to confirm in a few days.(accumulating a vested balance.)

Please check …

Thank you for telling me a awesome tool!

Do you know expressions or tools to calculate changes in the vested balance when sending Nem?


@yuwaz please check this calculator ->


Thank you.
The problem was solved.

It is because I did not understand the remote account well.
When I started harvesting with a new account, there was a 0.15 xem harvest on that day.
After that there is no harvest at all … :frowning:

And I got the return value of the API you expect!

The calculator you taught can know the amount of the balance increase, but it seems that you can not see the balance after sending xem…

I would like to send xem so that my vested balance will not fall below 10,000xem, so please let me know if known.


Not sure if I understand your question.
Here you can provide:

  • current vested balance (you can check your vested balance in explorer
  • xem balance (how much xem you have, you can symulate what will be if you buy some xem)
  • target vested balance (10k is minimal vested balance to harvest)


Sorry for the late reply.

After sending of nem, the vested balance decreases.
I always want to keep vested balance more than 1000 xem.
So, I’d like to calculate the decrease in the vested balance in advance.

I’m sorry, my English is not good…


I think it changes proportionally and is recalculated each block.
So if you have 13000 XEM and 12000 XEM is vested then if you will send 1500XEM to exchange then your vested balance also will change proportionally.

12k vested balance (92.307…%) should change to ~10615.384615
1k unvested balance (7.6923…%) should change to ~884.615385

But never tested it.


I will test it.


I tried the exam with remittance of the past 4 patterns.
It was necessary to add a commission to the remittance amount.

There was one difference of 0.0001 xem, but your formula is almost correct.