Plugins that we might want to install

Slack Notifications:

For our Chinese friends:

It’s also not that hard to write our own plugins if anyone fancies JS and has some good ideas:

I think @jabo38 was trying to do something with telegram and discourse integration, maybe slack would work as well?

If we get our slack/telegram bot back, that slack plugin for discourse would be enough, because all slackmessages will be forwarded to telegram/IRC anyway.
Any yes, I would love to have that plugin working here. Its a good thing to connect our communities. It is something we learned from the past I think…

I want this Discourse -> Slack plugin to work. These instructions are a bit over my level though.

@Saul or @mixmaster could you get it going?

I am also looking into bots for Discourse -> Telegram.

Am I the only one who shakes his head when things like this come up ?
I mean honestly, if we were to set out to make the communication in this community as fucked up as possible how much worse could we make it than having 3 platforms 2 of which are completely interchangable in functionality and then distribute users among those platforms unevenly.

baffling no ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be up for closing telegram :sunglasses:

In the meantime it seems better to just connect them

Allthough I’d choose slack over telegram any day of the week - at this point I’m up for closing slack (not much to close really). Have one platform for chatting and one forum. Everyone that doesn’t want to join telegram would then just stick to the forum but at least we only have 2 platforms and everyone knows what’s what.

I hate slack, but I will use it instead of telegram if that’s what the majority wants, however it seems most people are like me, and prefer telegram. One of the two needs to go, and we need to try to recruit someone that likes making bots to connect discourse and whichever ONE chat app we decide to use.

What exactly about slack do you hate and how does telegram do it better ?

I guess hate is maybe too strong, I think the UI/UX is really bad on slack, and that is why I dislike it.