[PoI Vote Open] Symbol Tokenomics - Launch Date Impacts

As communicated on Symbol Tokenomics Update the original Tokenomics proposal assumed a launch date in early 2020, the block rewards and supply inflation were calculated from that assumption.

The assumption has proven not to be true and a decision should be made as to whether we alter the Tokenomics, or not and if so, how to alter it. This vote is to make that decision.

How to Vote

To Vote via Nano Wallet, *you need to update your Nano Wallet to Fix the Voting Module. Latest Builds:

Poll address for voting via nano wallet voting center: NCLK5MBJ72IB255WHKPW6WMBMYZW7F5O6ECMSQQ2

A guide is here: https://docs.nem.io/en/nanowallet/voting-module


  • To vote for option A: No change to models or inflation, just starts at date of launch, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account: NC2EKDSDXAEW4YYSJHUCO6KC6GQKQP54TUAE3BXG

  • To vote for option B: Join curve as if we had launched, increase year 1 block rewards to distribute the inflation that would have already happened, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account: NA7IFWEDVLH7UWURIKDENB3HMY3QHXEXCS6MGB7B

  • To vote for option C: Join curve as if we had launched and allocate the inflation SuperNode fund for distribution over the next 6 years, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account: NBPDMYPTTPHYAPNIJV6YXWBC5GT7GOL4AF576RQD

The vote is PoI based and will run until 10.00am, 21st January 2021, the general rules for the vote are outlined in the vote description:

The Tokenomics subject is quite complex/dense, however this component is relatively discreet, the decision has an impact on the supply inflation (and therefore circulating supply potentially) and block rewards earned by harvesters + node owners.

The Voting Module relies on the HugeAlice server on NIS1 as it performs a specific role that others do not have. It has had some performance issues occasionally in the past couple of weeks so BloodyRookie is keeping an eye on it. We are adding a further 2 nodes to NIS1 as backups in case this causes challenges, they will take some time to sync but will be online asap.

Happy to answer any questions/discussions and for the avoidance of doubt I confirm that this vote is BINDING, NGL and the Core Devs will implement the decision at Symbol launch.