Policypal Network & NEM Partnership?


I was just wondering if you still are partnered up with Policypal Network?
If so, is there any updates on your future plans with Policypal please?

Thank you

Hi, I see this is first time posting, welcome!

With regards to the partnership, there was an initial MoU for them to build some of their solutions on NEM, including developing an insurance-related solution. This fell through during the crypto winter and the engagement was minimal and almost non-existent now.

Their last update was on Oct 2019 and we have been reaching out to them.

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Hi Jason

Thank you for letting me know
As no one seems to be able to get into contact with them for the last few months
The CEO Val is still working but seems to be concentrating on her 1st Startup Policypal instead of Pal Network
Trying to find out more information, if Pal Network has maybe failed during the slow Crypto Period

Thank you again

I did a check and it looks like Nov 2019 was their latest update on Medium. Based on that post, this was what is mentioned:

PAL Network has shifted the focus to understanding our insurance partners’ needs instead of building new blockchain solutions based on market noise.

With the focus on speaking with insurance companies and understanding the market’s demand, we will continue to speak to potential partners and share the results at the time when it is ready.

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