Price Not Going Up

Guys We are in bull market still xem is not going up going down and down every day. Any TA expect can give me explanation why all this going on snapshot is a big event.

The price of all the altcoisn including xem , goes down when bitcoin collects more than 60% of the market capitalization, it is not a bullish stage vs btc for the alts, vs usd are going up as it is logical, as long as btc keeps pumping strong, the alts will suffer


the snapshot is important because it is 1xem=1xym in December, if right now you keep xem in your wallet in 1 month you can have xem and xym for free, regardless of the price of xem on that date

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I was expecting also pump of price but currently BTC rise is killing altcoins. When NXT did swap like XEM price was going up only one week before swap so i expect rise just week or two before snapshot of XEM/XYM

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When BTC corrects, which it will, some of the profits will go into stablecoins or altcoins… and the cycle continues…


Based on past “airdrops” of other coins, the price usually starts to increase about a month before snapshot, but depends on marketing and how widely known the information is.


Now that we’ve had confirmation that the launch and snapshot will take place on 14th Jan, I suspect that this news was known to some days before the announcement and selling was going on before the recent big price drop this morning.

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How exactly one month delay should mean heavy price drop 24h after the news?

That doesn’t make any sense…



Some people can be disapointed to see a new delay AGAIN.

It is the first time Nem Group delayed [admin: deleted - please refrain from personal attacks]

People are probably selling as expecting a drop in price after this announcement. Cutting losses, or short term traders jumping from one coin to another. I expect the price to rebound eventually.

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Looks like it has rebounded well. :slight_smile:


Vs usd yes. Vs btc no

Nice jump from $0.162 to $0.20.

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