Private Key - NEM Wallet

How can I recover my private key?
I restarted the phone in factory mode and I can no longer access the app.

You can’t. You should do a backup when creating a wallet.

Do you know how to back up please?

Now when you removed the wallet is not possible. Or you want to know how to backup generally?
More → Export account → ok → Show private key

What I need is to know how to access my “coins”.
In the app or on the notebook.
I’m having a lot of difficulties!

Private key is 64 length hexadecimal. Please check if you have backup of it.

I’ve looked, but I can’t find it!
I found only the public key in the transaction history I made from Binance to Nem Wallet!

A public key or address is public information. You will be unable to restore your account with it.
Only private key.