Problem to transfer XYM to Kucoin and

I`m using my Symbol wallet app and I tried to send XYM to Kucoin and Both has some problem with the addresses, I tried to scan and error happened, I tried to type manually and it look like I lost the 1 XYM to test it. Can you help me?

They probably generating not supported by wallet qrs.
Did you included memo when sending?
What’s your Symbol address?

how do you transfer from symbol wallet app to others exchanges like Kucoin and
when I tried to scan the wallet adress, its shows JSON parse error: Unexpected identifier.

Just copy paste address. And don’t forget to put memo into unencrypted message.

Hello i tried to sent it as well from the xym wallet to kucoin but when i enter the passcode i try to send it but it won t send. Any ideas?

“i try to send it but it won t send.” a little more details needed

  • any error? screenshot?
  • coins deducted from your account?

hello, no coins deducted . its like the enter does not work when i have to sign. i sign and press enter but the screen remains in the sign screen. The sign pw is the same as the one to get in the wallet right? The wallet is on a old laptop because it diddnt work on my chromebook. is that maube the problem? And i can only select average slow etc fees. Ty for the help

it worked. I think yesterday there was a error

it worked for me also, but we should open other topic to improve the wallet