Projects/ICO's using NEM

Here is a list of projects using NEM (project build on NEM or use it for there ICO). This is not a complete list, it’s hard to maintain a full list, projects follow eachother quickly (the real adoption is started…)



Nice list, thanks for that.
I must warn you that is not correct that all of this projects are building on NEM platform.

Graft Network accepts XEM for ICO funding but are going to build on their own blockchain.
I can’t say for other if this is the case because i did not went to check.
You should either change your text above the list or remove projects like GraftNetwork from this list. :wink:

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Some minor details changed, thanks

Nice list! Maybe you could host it on github or gitlab, so people can send proposed updates?

Like this?

Yes, great! :+1:

If you plan to maintain it, you can probably ask @Xpedite to include it in his nem-resources repo.