Proposal: NEM-Ads - Decentralized contextual advertising for Advertisers and Web-developers

NEM-Ads - A Blockchain-powered contextual advertising for Advertisers and Web-developers.

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising in which the content of an ad is in direct correlation to the content of the web page the user is viewing. An example of contextual advertising is an ad offering a special price on a flight to Italy appearing on a website concerning traveling in Europe. Contextual advertising is also called “In-Text” advertising or “In-Context” technology. Contextual ads and its dot effect are less irritable than traditional advertising. That is why it influences user more effectively. It shows user area of interest thus increasing the chance of receiving a response. Contextual advertising has made a major impact on earnings of many websites. Because the advertisements are more targeted, they are more likely to be clicked, thus generating revenue for the owner of the website (and the server of the advertisement).

This proposal is intended to funds allocation (49 000 USD, ~545 000 XEM) to support development of advertise NEM-based platform.

Executive summary.

NEM-Ads is decentralized marketplace that unite advertisers and web-developers.
Our proposal is to build decentralized marketplace of advertising exclude third party (no intermediary websites, no finance intermediary).
NEM-Ads will further implement a blacklists, this will protect the advertiser from cheating and unscrupulous developers.
Development will be for current server version or Catapult.

Why we chose NEM:

  1. Mosaics are easily created, authorized by a corporate namespace, and run by flexible off-chain smart contracts. Price are powered by mosaics.
  2. NEM’s blockchain platform has the ability to handle large volumes of transactions at low costs.
  3. The NEM community around the world is active and growing. We are very keen to help contribute to these global communities.
  4. Aggregated Transactions merge multiple transactions into one, allowing trustless swaps, and other advanced logic. NEM does this by generating a one-time disposable smart contract. When all involved accounts have cosigned the aggregate transaction, all the inner transactions are executed at the same time.
    My project will advertise the platform NEM, increase the number of transactions in the network, people will be able to independently buy and sell traffic for their sites, the project will demonstrate the unique capabilities of smart mosaic that has no analogues in other blockchains,

Milestone 1. Timeline: 1,5 - 2 months, requested 30 000 $ (~330 000 XEM).
Development to prototype for testnet. Development to engine, demo-client for web-developers and available for downloading. This client getting list Ads and write to webpage, clicked of some link to redirect of test website for Advertise.
Milestone 2. Timeline: 1 - 1,5 months, requested 10 000 $ (~115 000 XEM).
Migration from demo-client for web-developers to full-client for testnet.
Development full-client for Advertising. Available two clients (Web-developers and Advertising) for downloading.
Milestone 3. Timeline: 1 - 1,5 months, requested 9 000 $ (~100 000 XEM).
Migration from testnet to mainnet. Create namespace and mosaic. Development Telegram-bot for exchange mosaic (buy/sell).

Vladyslav Bondarenko - Individual entrepreneur and System Architect, Full-stack Senior Java Developer with overall 15 years of working in software development area.