Public Relation Operation: Get NEM on R3

In order to achieve progress in the named Topic Ill created this as a project base, so that we can see what needs to be done and what already have been done. If the questions get filled out completely we are good to go.
I will update the answer filling regulary, so that everybody can see what is done and what not. This all is just for the pure reason to bring some structure into this specific project.
Everybody can work on questions on his own. Just make a statement on what you are working here or inform Jeff. So that I can mark the questions that is being worked on, so nothing is being worked on twice.
If you know additional answers for points already filled out, please post them. Every line in the answers containing a “?answer needed!?” has a high priority to get filled out.


9 Point Plan

  1. Set targets
    1.1 What timeframe we have to achieve set targets?
  2. Define our target group
    2.1 What does our target group like
  3. What do our competitors?
    3.1 Against who do we compet?
    3.2 What can we learn from them?
    3.3 SWOT analysis; Our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  4. What budget do we have to achieve set targets?
    4.1 What size has the reachable market?
  5. Define channels of communication
  6. Work on the right message! (Appealing words)
    6.1 How do we get the attention of important R3´s and create awareness?
    6.2 What do we want them to do?
  7. Deliver the message in a appealing way!
    7.1 Design of high quality leaflet with a “best of” description
  8. Legal terms
  9. Watch the results, rate them!
    9.1 About the impressions we created

Project status

  1. Get accepted for R3, requirements are: get on Azure and then Baas
    1.1 ?Answer needed!?
  2. Bankers and IT Bankers
    2.1 High quality, value, safety, markets with high potential to grow, cost reduction, expanding of business
  3. ?answer needed!?
    3.1 Ethereum, ?answer needed!?
    3.2 professional design, packaging “sale messages”, ?answer needed!?
    3.3 Analysis results: ?answer needed!?
    Strengths -->
    Weaknesses -->
    Opportunities -->
    Threats -->
  4. ?answer needed!? (who puts up money, which funds are aviable?)
    4.1 !answer needed!?
  5. Application on R3, technical references, our presentation of website and wallet
  6. ?answer needed!?
    6.1 e.g. high quality leaflet, personal messages, ?answers needed!?
    6.2 Give them a positive feeling about accepting NEM for R3
  7. ?answers needed?!
    7.1 Tony is already over the branding, we still need a “best of” description in combination with appealing words, ?answer needed!?
  8. Avoid comparisons to other blockchain technologies which are not 100% legit! ?answers needed!?
  9. After the operation, did we get in: Yes/No?
    9.1 rating the impressions that we left

We need an open source version that will allow to create private / permissioned NEM blockchains that also allows to integrate with the public NEM blockchain to create a big interconnected platform.

Please verify for a similar solution. Their concept of atomic transactions is interesting. We need something similar.

I’m willing to work on this … You too?