Public Testnet and Faucet

Can one of you please point to me the public testnet and testnet faucet where we can get XEM tokens to understand the concepts of NEM blockchain platform. Thanks!

you can use public testnet with NEM wallet available at
Download wallet, create new testnet wallet, then share your address here and someone can get you some test xem.

Thanks! I have created a simple wallet with the instructions provided at
Can someone transfer testnet XEM tokens to the following address:

Will be great if I can get some instructions on how I can interface with the public testnet, I am not able to access the ones mentioned in the docs. Thanks!

Hello. Sent some coins.
If you have problem connecting to nodes from list in wallet you can use one of these:

Thanks! I can see tokens in my wallet.
Now I started looking at the symbol and created the account using symbol-cli and got some symbol.xym mosaic as well.
Currently exploring the symbol sdk to build couple of sample applications.

Is the symbol going to be the platform from NEM to build the applications?

¿Porque puerto escuchan esos nodos? Estoy tratando de hacer un telnet por los puertos 3000 y 7900 y no responde pero si hace ping.


Those are NIS1 (current mainnet node). API is available on port 7890.

SYmbol nodes (new blockchain version - currently only testnet) API is available on port 3000. You can find some Symbol testnet nodes here

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