Python Coding ,

Hello everyone , I’d Love to help anyone on any project in which Python is needed

Been to your blog and like the way your mind works.

I have a project that I can’t say much about yet still putting the final touches on a Business Plan Nutshell that will be released exclusively on this forum.

You will need to do some casual reading in these three apparently unrelated fields if you are interested and let me know what field you feel the most relaxed in if you had to code something up.

  1. ATmega32U4 Microcontroller - USB interface
  2. PID Control - simulation
  3. Hong–Ou–Mandel effect - simulation

Have a great day.

I can help in the two first project if you want , what is the best way to get in touch with you ??

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One of my websites has an image on the bottom left of the home page of a dashing entrepreneur new age guru, click it.

I look forward to further conversations.

emailed you