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Hello NEMbers,

My name is Eli, the Co-Founder of C Estates Inc., a Tokenized Real Estate Platform. Our company is an offshoot startup company from our main business Capitarise Corporation, which is a pioneer in real estate consulting and property management in the Philippines. We’ve been catering to foreign property investors, especially Japanese, Chinese and Korean for more than 10 years now.

Our goal is to leverage our decade of real estate expertise and combine it with technology. We aim to make real estate transactions easy for everyone by making real estate assets as a financial instrument like stocks through tokenization process. With our platform, users will be able to:

  1. Buy fractional shares in various properties represented by Digital Property Assets.
  2. Earn rental income/yield based on the buy proportionate share of the Digital Property Assets they own.
  3. Sell Digital Property Asset shares on a later time when the property appreciates in value.

The Digital Property Assets are tokens backed by real estate properties in the Philippines.

Of course, aside from accepting the traditional cash payment, XEM is also one of the payment methods that is integrated on the platform.

Attached on this thread is our Drafted Whitepaper, this is not yet final and published, we will be needing honest feedback and opinion based on the things that you will read through this drafted Whitepaper. Feel free to reply, comment down or email me directly at [email protected] for any inquiries, you can say anything and whatever you want. No hard feelings. :slight_smile:

Whitepaper Draft link:

Thank you and looking forward to all your comments.

Best Regards,


Taking a quick skim through, its very descriptive and you’ve laid out well what your purpose is. Some point of advice, is to create an executive summary for investors, maybe rethink the token structure as it’s still a bit hard to understand.
You would benefit from hiring a professional copy editor or publication editor to iron out some of the grammatical issues that would put off high level investors.
The length may turn some off as well.

Congratulations, I know that WP’s are a real pain. Best of luck!

  • Laura Takenaka


Hello Laura,

I really appreciate your feedback with regards to my request. And yes, we actually have a separated paper for investors. This Whitepaper is solely intended to provide an overview of what we are trying to do, but we do have a different paper that we’ve provided to our investors highlighting financial points and potential.

We’ll take note of that and we’ll iron out the part of the token structure, our token economics is a dual-token economy system wherein we have the Digital Property Assets (DPA) as the real estate backed tokens, this is security in form because it provides rental income and we have xCET as the main utility token of the platform to be used for all transactions such as transaction fees, listing fee, rental fee and reward redemption.

All the key points that you’ve indicated here will surely be noted and we will use them to work on the next version.

Thank you!


For a short 1-pager version of our project. This might also help our NEMbers.


thanks Eli :slight_smile:


Hi there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t open the drive, cause I need access. Does anybody know where to get another link to the WP?



We currently don’t have an Indian investor as of this moment, mostly of our angel investors are from Singapore, Japan and Philippines but we are very open for any investors to join on our private seed funding round.


It is a little tough to get investors in this market but not impossible. The good thing for your project is your have been around long enough so that when/if the market turns around, you can say you survived the winter.


Hello Jeff,

We are not worrying about getting investors from this current market. Essentially, we are not really that looking forward for ICO investors or contributors. We are currently tapping traditional VC institutions that will become a strategic partner for our ecosystem in the long run.

We’ve been doing real estate business for almost a decade now in the Philippines and we also have several transactions wherein we sold properties through cryptocurrencies, this will not be a new market and model for us since we’ve been doing this already for quite some time. :slight_smile:


Could not consult the WP, no access.
Congratulations on this investment approach. It should be an example for many others.
Good luck.


Hello garp,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve actually took down our Whitepaper from any publicly accessible website as per advised by our legal counsel since our team is currently on the process of doing a private seed funding round.

Soon as we receive a go signal from our legal counsel, we will publish all necessary things about the project. For now, you may also look into this link: