Receive XEM into iOS wallet [SOLVED]


Hi I’ve tried relentlessly to move my XEM into iOS wallet from binance and It will not move. Am I putting in right key?? Can someone please explain what I use in order to receive my xem. Is it public key or where can I find the letters/numbers on iOS wallet to use on binance to transfer ! Please help!! Thx u


You just need your address (should start with an ‘N’). Tap on the QR code on the bottom and it’ll display the address for that account. Hit the ‘copy address’ button and paste into Binance.

Be careful not to paste your private key online; that should never leave your computer/device.


Thankyou so much!!! I hope it works!! As Iv tried two things but not private key lol. Binance keeps saying error. I’ll give it another go. Many thanks!!


Sorry do u need to take out dashes?


Got it thx u!!!


No probs. Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

Yeah, no need to worry about the dashes – shouldn’t make a difference whether you include them or not. Just makes it easier to read.