Rene Bernard speech at MTMN 2020!

The chairman of MDEC once said “The transformation of businesses through digital tools and platforms is a critical step towards improving their sustainability and operational efficiency as well as to tap new growth opportunities.”

As the managing director and co-founder of Luxtag, Rene has his very own set of understanding towards the ongoing digital economy in Malaysia. With great honour, Rene has been invited as one of the guest speakers to share about his thoughts and journey as a startup tech company in Malaysia. Catch Rene’s sharing session on 11 November 2020, 2:05pm!

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… Начало новой уже 6й (шестой) Парадигмы грядущего десятилетия с 2021года позволит переосмыслить основы современной экономики!!! Массовая ТОКЕНИЗАЦИЯ спасет множество компаний и корпораций от традиционных экономических кризисов связанных с волатильностью , эмиссией дефицитом и профицитом Доллара США !!!.. NEM является одним из недооцененных АКТИВОВ в мире КРИПТОВАЛЮТ и КРИПТОИНДУСТРИИ !!!

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Thanks for sharing. It is really helpful information.

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You talks are always so great. Thank you for helping.

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Rene is not only LuxTag head, but also important evangelist blockchain technology.