Renew namespaces and mosaic expired, renewal month?



I have a namespace and a mosaic, I have made several transactions with it and it is very important for me.

But, I forgot the renewal date. There is no type of notice from NEM. Only the creation / expiration date. Anyway, it was my carelessness. The assets disappeared from the accounts.

The record in the blockchain continues, and the transactions, but not the asset.

I have read that it can be renewed one month after it expires, before disappearing completely.

But on my wallet, it does not let me renew it. In “renew namespaces” I do not see the namespaces expired.

How do I proceed here? Who do I go to?
If I renew it, will all assets return to all accounts?

I hope you can help me, there is not much information on this topic in the forum.

Thank you!


We probably speak about this on Telegram. If there is not entire month (grace period) after expiration then it should be possible to create namespace from same account.