Request to community for feedback on Catapult features


This is Jeff from the Foundation. We are working on a foundation roadmap but before we do so, it would be really nice to get feedback for the main devs on features that they can implement in Catapult. To be clear, what you see below is not a foundation roadmap, but is a list of features that the core devs are implementing.

Please go here and comment.

These issues are mainly found by reviewing the issues list on the Catapult server issues on github at


Thanks Jeff, my main comment is to really get feedback on the transition from NIS1 to Catapult. It needs to be managed well, not just from a technical perspective. How we communicate and implement the transition is as important too.

Also, good comments from the community too, thanks.


Hey,…what are your suggestions?


From my side, it would be in developing a communications plan to all those who are invested in the NIS1 platform. For example, mosaics that have been made on NIS1 and are currently active. We will need to start to communicate the migration process transparently prior to the transition so that it does not interrupt with their business or projects.

This will be developed once the migration steps have been developed from a technical perspective. Next is to explain this from a non-technical perspective to the those involved in projects already been working on the platform or are making plans to do so.


Agree with the migration from NIS1.
A suggestion from my side is that Catapult new features have to be explained in a way that anybody is not familiar with Blockchain can understand. The examples from Alice and Bob are ok but I want to see real examples. What can I do, which type of companies can implement Catapult in 2019 or in 5 years.

The nano wallet has to be the best, best UX, user friendly, plug and play. A kid can use it.
Whoever is going to SELL Catapult to the companies or NF in the social media can’t go and say, we have Catapult, best features nobody has… that strategy did not work in the past even though NIS1 is one of the best.

there are a lot of competitors out there, first most of them are using PRIVATE CHAINS, and Catapult is going to focus on PUBLIC chains, so it’s going to be difficult to take the market. All the features has to be clear, also for DEVELOPERS. NIS1 was super easy for developers but at the end that was a myth. Ethereum with Solidity has had more attention from devs than NEM. Some devs told me that they prefer Solidity because they have more freedom. Also some hardcore devs told me that NEM repository and tech guides were not so good, not good explained an confuse.

In the 90’s we have netscape, IRC, Aol, badoo, myspace…probably same as we have now Bitcoin, Eos, Ethereum. So question, Does Nem wants to be Google, amazon, Ebay or not?
I believe that the users are going to make the choice and not the companies. Also nem wants become mainstream, need things like Jack Dorsey is doing with Bitcoin and Lightning for example.


At the moment we are developing a large project on nis1. How will the transition if Nis1 shut off? If two blockchains work, will Nis1 technical support continue? Thank you!




This is the first time posting here. So, please forgive me for my poor English skill.

After reading through the NEM technical reference, and, by analyzing the relationship between the balance and importance in the current NIS1, I was aware that PoI can be calculated pretty easily without outlink matrix.

I have put my idea in nemlog, first in Japanese, and made some slides in English.

I know this does not look like PoI anymore, but, this can be a good starting point to think about PoS+ mentioned in the roadmap for Catapult.

I would appreciate your comments and suggestions, here and/or in nemlog.

Thank you,

Mezase Hokkaido from nemlog