Reset my iphone, Lost my NEM - PLEASE HELP!


I recently had to factory reset my iPhone.

I then restored from iTunes.

When I open the NEM app and enter my NEM wallet password it immediately closes and exits the NEM app.

I unfortunately never backed up the wallet - any solutions or am I screwed?

Please help!

If you don’t do a backup probably tokens are lost. Only hope is restore this data from apple cloud backup or recover from your phone.
Unfortunately I don’t experience with iphone and I can help you. Was this big amount?
Maybe double check if you don’t write somewhere your peivate key on paper (should be 64 chars)

When you back up iPhone to iTunes, did you set encryption on / off in the menu?

Thanks for responding - was set to off.

Thanks for trying to help. But when I originally downloaded the wallet it did not have a backup prompt like it now has.

The private key is also stored in the iOS keychain.
However, if you do not specify encryption with iTunes backup, the keychain will not be backed up.

When backing up with iTunes backup specified with encryption, all information is backed up.
However, if you do not encrypt it, it is not backed up based on personal information such as passwords.

I also need to reset my iPhone recently but disappointed to know the password ain’t able to restore from iTunes.

To restore wallet you need private key. As qr code or plain text

Download the same iOS firmware and install it. Then you can restore from backups. Also check the iCloud backup. If the wallet was in there, you can restore from it.

How can i find it in the keychain? I have the same problem and the key chain is backed up with time machine. so fore wat do I search? Xem or new or private key ???