Role of Secretariat Office

Hi all,

I would like to mention that the Council will start communicating via the Secretariat Office which will be used as a place to communicate to the community in an official capacity.

All announcements made represents the collective voice of the Council.

We will keep everyone informed via the Secretariat Office moving forward.

Looking forward to a strong start for 2019 with NEM!

Jason Lee
NEM Foundation


Hi Jason, happy new year!
What is “via the Secretariat Office”? Do we need to register anywhere else than on to get these updates and announcements? Are you referring to the forum user " NEMSecretariatOffice " ?
(Forgive my ignorance if I missed a point in this regard)

Thanks for asking Rene. The Secretariat Office will be by Forum User @NEMSecretariatOffice - which will represent any messages that is a joint decision agreed with consensus by the Council.

We are looking forward more regular and responsive updates moving forward.

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Just a suggestion but it might be worth starting to sign messages from that account so that people can verify they originated from the council. That forum account being compromised could wreak havoc without such measures.


+1 :+1:

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Very good point, will be more conscious in having measures in place to address this. Thanks @memario