Ru Category with many subcategories


Hi NEM team,

Is it possible to create NEM RU category with many sub-categories within it and have admin rights only for it ?

Thanks in advance,
John Galt


I will be able to create something like that. Will give you an update here.


day you do that, I would suggest the same for German! naming @spizzerb as the moderator if he confirms he wants that. :slight_smile:


good idea :+1:

not sure on how many sub-catogories we need but a german section would be nice


The idea is to group all info in 1 place and it should be independent platform:

  1. News
  2. Tech articles
  3. Manual
  4. Projects
  5. Futures
  6. Price analysis
  7. Some troll box with link to telegram chat.

We thought about golos (russian steem) and all profit (steem/golos tokens) put in NEM delivery, but it will be last decision, if we couldn’t do it here.

Time to be independent and leave btt forum for trolls and speculations.


Here is the Russian sub-category
I will add admins for those categories this week. Send a message here if interested in admin position.