Run Your Symbol Test node - Free and Easy

Simple steps on how Run a Node in Digital Ocean:

I created this so that everyone can run a node for free and can configure it in less than 10 minutes.

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Check this video for instructions on how to set up server and to configure:

  1. git clone

  2. cd symbol-testnet-bootstrap/api-harvest-assembly

  3. docker-compose up --build --detach / docker-compose up --build -d to Start the Node

  4. To Change your node name, turn off your node with: “docker-compose down” then you must install nano app, it looks like this: “apt-get install nano”

  5. After that, you must access: nano api-node/config-input.yaml ( Check Video)

You can Check your node status here: http://<NODE_URL>:3000/chain/height Check Video



there is a one point that in some cases on ubuntu (or maybe other OS) code should start with (sudo) . if code write like this : docker-compose up --build -d (without sudo) ERROR will appear.

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  1. For successful run of harvesting node you should also open ports 7900 and 7901, as they are closed by default in Digital Ocean droplets. So before docker-compose up --build --detach run:
    ufw allow 7900/tcp
    ufw allow 7901/tcp

Thank you for your input and clarification.

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Good to know this, thanks for informing us.

yes but on ubuntu need to be root to run this script (ufw allow 7900/tcp)
To become root user type: sudo -i or sudo -s

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