Running NIS on EC2. What is the best option?


I want to launch NIS on amazon aws, EC2 instance. I would like to know what are current hardware requirements for setting up NIS: (RAM, CPU, HDD for storing the chain).

If this is helpful, my end-goal is to have a simple python webserver which consumes the API from NIS and spits out some html. The whole server is pretty lightweight so the main consumer of the resources is NEM.

If someone has experience setting up NIS on EC2, I would appreciate some advice related to a type of instance you selected:


Hi there, NIS v1 runs on Java platform, and Java usually is resource hungry.
But you could try with 1gb RAM, and plenty of space to store the blockchain data, I would get 25 Gb on a good SSD, that is the minimum EC2 I think.

Catapult (NIS v2) is made in c/c++ so it would be less memory hungry, but the HDD space is the same too.

The number of cores? I would use min.2, Java is multithreaded so it can benefit from that.


1gb will be not enought I’m afraid but you can check with that. Don’t forget update memory settings in