Scammers on the YoBit exchange.

Hello, I have been the holder of your coins for a long time, I bought them on the exchange, several years ago. Now I tried to transfer them to another exchange, and I could not do this, a message appears that the wallet is in those works. I applied to support this exchange, back in December and still have not received any response, please tell me what I can do, where to complain, I cannot reach the exchange. I cannot sell them there either, because their exchange rate is 4-5 (!) Times lower than the real one. I really hope for your help or at least advice. Sorry if I chose the wrong section, or created a topic that does not belong to this form at all, but I do not know where to write. they ignore me everywhere. the number there is only 3000 XEM, but for me this is a lot of money, in Russia it is very difficult now. I have nothing to live on = (

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I tried contact with Yobit support multiple times without answer. All what they answering to other members is copy paste formula that they waiting for code update. But this is not true.
Unfortunately, I don’t have here good solution for you.

There are too many bad actors out there, and I would like to propose that in cases like this all addresses associated with the exchange be blacklisted, the coins be deemed lost, then reissued to the verified owners.

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Hello, colleagues,
We have a solid count of tokens on the Yobit platform and a lot of people can do nothing with their problem. It becomes bigger every day. As we already know Yobit ignores us as much as they can. I have been watching for this Yobit’s issue on this forum for a long time. I think Yobit has a big issue with its platform and I also think they don’t know how they can solve this.
In this regard, I have a proposal, as far as know blockchain technology can help us. All the rest blocks of the NEM network (non Yobit blocks) can confirm our real tokens which we have at the current moment. All confirmed tokens can be moved to new official NEM wallets for a list of persons from collective request and which agreed to identify their person before. The persons confirm their tokens and access with those. The next step to exclude old NEM address wallets of Yobit from the global NEM network or marked them as non-valid. I’m ready to support this and be one of the people of collective request.
The leaders and the administration of the NEM network, what do you think about the proposal of a collective request? Could you please help us with this not easy problem?
I wanted to add:
Just imagine for a second, if Yobit blocks our accounts or takes over your tokens without any reason. We can’t do anything. Of course, you can go to court, but there are problems to prove that these tokens are yours and the litigation can drag on for years.
Thank you.

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There is no such option.
Coins are on Yobit account and they control keys (they are owners from blockchain point of view).