Sell products on Facebook / Messenger using NEM as the payment Gateway

Have anyone tried to implement this? Will this be of any value to the community?

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Being able to purchase products using XEMs will definitely bring value to the community. However, I don’t think Facebook will be a reasonable retailer at this stage in the project to accept NEM as a payment gateway, unless you are referring to sending p2p payments by providing your wallet address to someone privately. I see smaller corporations with more tightly knit communities than Facebook with strong communication between the company and its users as being more reasonable starting points for accepting XEMs as payment in return for products or services.

Thanks for the input @Mr.Robot. I am referring to having a system that communicates through the Facebook API and accepts NEM payments from the messenger or the chat. Put it in a different way this integration would interact with the users from the messenger and on the other hand it speaks to the NEM Mainnet and wallets to confirm/accept/refund transactions. Hope this makes sense. I have managed to code a working prototype. let me know if you are interested to test it out. :slight_smile:


Yes, I would like to test (

Interested too.

It will create more transaction. It will increase market price, so yeah we need this. I’m interested to test!

I think this is an interesting idea.
I am looking for a similar solution to enable communities to buy with their crypto wallet in any shops who partner with the communities.

If I can use NEM as a payment gateway it will be MOON!

Haven’t tried to implement it, we sell a fair amount of products through fb so would definitely use/trial it if it was a service that was available.