Send transactions using Python

I am building out XEM payment integrations using a python tech stack and trying to find the most efficient way to accomplish this. I would also like to sign the transaction offline, so that I can broadcast the signed transaction to a supernode so that I don’t have to build out separate node infrastructure for my use case (if possible).

In the NEM docs, it recommends launching a small server (javascript) to enable signing the transaction:
I assume this is recommended because the signing functions are coded in javascript, and there’s no way to just sign a transaction natively in python?

Alternatively, is the recommended way to sign/send a transaction is by using the /transaction/prepare-announce and /transaction/announce endpoints? And since you’re posting your private key, then you’d only do this when you’re running your own local node?

What you need is to sign transaction and send it using /transaction/announce endpoint.

There is python wrapper ( Not sure if it works correctly (I didn’t use it) but maybe you will find it useful.

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