Sending mosaic, fees in xem! Why!?


Hey nem community!

I have been testing the testnet, before using the mainet to create an ico (mosaic)

I have created a namespace and a mosaic, then create another testnet account to test the sending of my token and I have found that, even though I am sending my mosaic, I am charged a commission of 0.050000 xem.

This has no problems in the testnet, but to use it in the mainet this causes me many problems because that would force people to have to buy xem to use my mosaic?

This can be avoided, remove? NEM does not explain this and I already bought the xem to use in the mainet,

Does anyone have information about this or can you help me see how this commission is removed?

At the moment of creating the mosaic I did not choose the option of levy

Thanks in advance!


This is how it works. All fees in network are paid in XEM. Fee cannot be removed. XEM is main coin in NEM network.
Thank you

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It will be possible after catapult upgrade (check comsa whitepapper) with agregated transactions.
But still someone will have to pay for transactions in xem.

Since then every account needs xem for every transaction.
Transaction uses resources of nodes and space in blockchain. It can not be free …

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I am also concerned about this. The only way I could think of getting around it might possible be to charge a levy for transactions in your mosaic, and then to allow the XEM required for each transaction to be paid from your account (possibly using aggregated transactions as suggested above). However, this could cause problems in the future as no doubt the value of your mosaic vs. the value of XEM is going to be quite different, and I’m not sure if it’s possible to adjust the levy once the mosaic has been distributed.


I, too, am interested in this. I would like the admin to be able to pay the XEM on behalf of everyone using the Mosaic.

As was already mentioned by Thomas_Norwood. If the admin pays all the fees, the levy has to be adjustable to account for the future variance in value both in XEM used for the payment and the said Mosaic itself…

The XEM2 / Catapult should be going live sometime in June of 2019.

Any updates on either of these issues (admin paying the XEM fees and having adjustable levy)?

Having both of these features would be a game changer…