Sent Icon in Confirmed showing red

Hi, I am new here. I sent my Loyalcoins from my Nemwallet to LoyalWallet the other day and I still did not receive it. The send icon in the confirmed tab shows red.

Here’s what happened. I purchased XEM through Changelly and got it in NEM. The send Icon in the confirmed tab is green. Then I go ahead and followed the steps in sending my Loyalcoins to my Loyalwallet. I was able to do it and it seems like it went through smoothly. But until now I still did not receive my Loyalcoins in my Loyalwallet and the send icon is red. I am not sure if it went through or not.

can you help?


Could you share your address?
Red circle in top right corner means that you are not connected to valid node. You can click this circle and change node. One of hugealice nodes is for sure ok. If you still will be unable to connect it means probably that your firewall, router or Internet provider is blocking ports 7890 and/or 7778.

Hi my node is green every time. my address is NAY6SN-2LVJRL-VFSKTS-AGESCA-Q3MSJM-IASRDC-HJLW

Transaction in NEM blockchain is done and confirmed
If message is correct you should contact with LoyalCoin team support.