Sent NEM from Bittrex to NEM Mobile Wallet

Sent NEM from Bittrex to NEM Mobile Wallet without Memo. I did not see any “memo” to enter on the wallet for the transaction, so I preceded. I saw the transaction pending, the transaction did not go through. Any help in recovering the 3996 NEM would be appreciated. Rob

TxId 5222c8f029984e2116d287d0e7e1ed503d99a4b8f32afbcf52c6137f3530e2dccopy
Date 2020/12/14 05:25:22
Symbol XEM
Quantity 3,996.00000000
Commission 4.00000000
Status Completed
Authorized Yes


is empty
Also transaction:

doesn’t exitst.

Looks like Bittrex failed to send you transaction. When you sending to personal wallet memo is not needed. Please contact with Bittrex support. Looks like problem on they side.