Sent XEM to Spectrocoin without message


A few days back I sent XEM from Spectrocoin to my wallet and received it. Yesterday I sent it back to Spectrocoin and I did not include the message. Problem is, I used the public key that I received the XEM from, but I realized now that it’s not the same public key as my wallets (I assume it’s a Spectrocoin account). Can I expect to get the XEM sent back to my XEM Wallet, or is it lost forever?

Thank you.

If you would use other exchange they would return after contact with exchange support.
Because you used Spectrocoin I would be so sure because of they politic to not return in such situation. You can try contact with them and provide transaction id.

I tried contacting support and the CS said they can’t return it, because i didn’t include an ID. I did contact their tech support, so fingers crossed… Would be sad to lose half of my money just because I’m stupid.