Sent xem without message


I sent my xem to binance. But forget the message.
So now in my wallet is nothing. And in binance is nothing.
I have the txid and everything. Can you help me get my xem back

binance support. xem is confirmed when u send, message obligatory only when u send exchange

There is nothing on binance. And in my wallet also nothing ?
So where are my coins ?

CS Theresia (Binance)

Jul 24, 08:14 CST

Dear user,

Thanks for your information.

As per checking, the memo had been input before so the funds should be credited to our account but please kindly see the below 2 links related to your transactions:

You can check that the amount of both them is “0” so it seems like there’s no funds transferred to us.

It is advised you to contact the sending platform/wallet for more options.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,

Binance Customer Service

[email protected]

Jul 24, 05:48 CST



contact binance support and explain to them that you did not send the message saying your account and sending the transaction tx