"service providers" and "buy & sale" categories on the forum


Hi there.
My name is Yonatan :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to open “service providers” and “buy & sale” categories on nem forum so people who believe in nem can use it in the community.
Also I suggest to open a community forum page on facebook. (Haven’t found one).

And to set an example I’ll start :slight_smile:

I offer a friendly chess lesson over the internet at the current low price of 25 XEM.
(Price is negotiable if nem goes up)
I’m not a master in chess, but my level is high above everage,
and more important, I am very good at teaching one on one and I have a lot of peiciance.
No need of a computer camera. We will talk on WhatsApp, and play on lichess.org
Because trust is the name of the game, payment will be received only AFTER the lesson will end.
My contact details are:
[email protected]
and “Yonatan Dahan” on WhatsApp.



There is already this category. It is called “marketplace”, I have moved your post to that category.