SharpShark: ecosystem member update

Hi all, Sasha from SharpShark is here.

As you probably know, we are creating an infrastructure for intellectual property protection on Blockchain. Recently we published on Hackernoon an article that explains intellectual property Status Quo in 2020 and what Blockchain has to do with it.

Short summary:

  • What are The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the EU Copyright Directive and how Blockchain relates to them
  • Approaches of different Blockchain projects as to Intellectual Property management
  • Presumption of Authorship and how we can deal with it in Blockchain dApps, resolving legitimacy of initial data problem
  • Keeping content on Blockchain: pros and cons (in part, why communes probably wonā€™t survive)
  • Blockchain as a piece of evidence at courts.

Highlighted quote: ā€œSymbol in the core, the 4th generation Blockchain technology, suited perfectly for intellectual property.ā€