SharpShark: ecosystem member update

Hi all, Sasha from SharpShark is here.

As you probably know, we are creating an infrastructure for intellectual property protection on Blockchain. Recently we published on Hackernoon an article that explains intellectual property Status Quo in 2020 and what Blockchain has to do with it.

Short summary:

  • What are The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the EU Copyright Directive and how Blockchain relates to them
  • Approaches of different Blockchain projects as to Intellectual Property management
  • Presumption of Authorship and how we can deal with it in Blockchain dApps, resolving legitimacy of initial data problem
  • Keeping content on Blockchain: pros and cons (in part, why communes probably won’t survive)
  • Blockchain as a piece of evidence at courts.

Highlighted quote: “Symbol in the core, the 4th generation Blockchain technology, suited perfectly for intellectual property.”


Hi everyone!

It’s the SharpShark team here. We’d like to share our September activity, especially our clients’ cases, and give you some important insights in the field of Blockchainized intellectual property

What are these cases:

  • We have made 2 partnership cases in 2 target markets: The Spanish-speaking market and the Russian-speaking market.
  • In Russia, our client is a bank portal. Surprising right? They had a disgusting problem with another financial portal who had copied their content “as is” and hadn’t linked the original source. The violator didn’t react to the client’s claim or angry post on social media. We resolved this issue by using our dispute resolution pre-trial claim service. This case was described in this article in Russian.
  • In Chile, our client is a media company with original content about startups. Their content was used as financial advice by a government website. We have removed it with our dispute resolution service.

Every time we are able to help our clients, we prove that intellectual property violations occur at all levels, from banks to governments.

Thanks to blockchain, we now have a real chance to make the internet a pleasant place with licensed content. And this trend is also being supported by big corporations: Google has agreed to pay publishers for their licensed content, and Facebook has launched Facebook Rights Manager to remove plagiarized photos from Facebook and Instagram.

Hmmm, looks like content licensing is “the new black”? Let’s do it on blockchain!

PS: Soon we’ll launch our full commercial version on Product Hunt and hope our beloved NEM community will help us to spread the word.

PPS: Also, there’re some of our public engagements that you may like to see

BITCONF Brazil (in Portugues)
Blockchain Summit Global (in Spanish, from 5.22.00)
Buenos Aires University (in Spanish, from 3.28.00)