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Hi NEM community! My name is Alberto Molina I am the co-founder of shelterDAO.
The team and I wanted to introduce ourselves and the shelterDAO project. We switched platforms from the Ethereum blockchain to the NEM blockchain for our project because of how easy it is to develop on and it’s amazing user interface, among it’s other great features.

shelterDAO is a project that aims for the creation and maintenance of cashless cryptohub communities around the world by using NEM blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can help pioneers gain access to experiences around the world in a more secure and enjoyable way by allowing safer transactions and no need to carry cash with you while you travel.

We provide the tools for anyone to use Shel Mosaic Tokens and trade it for time-stay, goods and services at any shelterDAO community. We want to empower people across the world to easily and securely choose a destination and connect with other pioneers. The creation of shelterDAO is the concept of designing a shared infrastructure with a global community.

We believe the use of Shel Mosaic Tokens will both benefit and enhance this project by giving all-inclusive access to shelterDAO communities located in the world’s leading Cryptohubs.

The Development will go as follows:

The first stage is the development of the shelterDAO booking platform. The platform will be used for anyone to register as a shelterDAO member and allow members and token holders to book shelter dwellings using shel for exclusive rates. For non shel holders, community dwellings can be booked using xem currency at market rates.

Next is the development of the first community in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, using NEM blockchain technology for the purpose of running as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Dwellings, retail spaces, restaurants and other good and services will also be available at each community and integrated with the shelterDAO wallet app for a full cryptocurrency and cashless destination experience. We have plans to build future communities in Puerto Rico, the United States, & Singapore.

We chose a system of dividing the community into rentable dwellings, shareable community amenities, as well as exclusive dwellings and amenities reserved for Mosaic Exclusive Membership(MEM) holders. We believe this will ensure efficiency and profitability of the shelterDAO community model (In addition to shel we are creating a total of 100,000 Mosaic Exclusive Memberships).

Eco crypto communities:

Our goal is to build and maintain eco-responsible communities. One of the tools we will be utilizing is a 3D construction printer. By combining this new technology with the rest of our project, together we can build communities in a fast, responsible and eco-friendly way.

The 3D Constructor is a house 3D printer made by Machines-3D, a manufacturer based in France. The 3D experimental concrete printer is currently under development. It makes it possible to manufacture a modern, customizable shelter, rapidly and at a very low cost. As of now the machine is designed to print with a cement paste, in the future they are hoping to print with all types of building materials.

shelterDAO Wallet App:

shelterDAO Wallet App is an app set up to easily transfer Shel Mosaic Token(shel) directly from mobile devices using NEM Blockchain Technology. Shel can be sent from any iPhone, iPad or Android device, typing recipient address and amount to be sent, anyone around the world can make a quick transaction in just few seconds using their mobile phone.

Providing a simple crypto wallet, with just a few steps, allows non NEM experts to use this amazing blockchain with ease, and enables everyone to transfer shel without having an extensive knowledge about NEM or blockchain technology in general.

The shelterDAO wallet app enables you to manage multiple NEM accounts on your phone or ipad. Send and receive xem, Shel Mosaic Tokens(shel), messages and any other Mosaic created on the NEM network!

The shelterDAO Wallet App is available now for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

iOS Wallet Download:
Android Wallet Download:

Thank you for all of your support. We are here to answer any questions you have about the project, the team or anything at all. We are excited to work with the NEM blockchain and look forward to seeing you at one of our future locations!


The wallet is a copy of NEM wallet and you didn’t even change the readme in github.
That’s what GodTanu said.

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I am also interested in the 3d constructor, does it come with any extra attachments?
Asking for a friend.

Just went onto the GitHub Org and it looks like these guys just copy pasted NEM Pay wallet located here :

They have copy pasted the repo 4 times! There are 4 repos on their GitHub Org, all of them appear to be the same repo (NEMPay) copied and named differently with names such as SheltarDAO and ShelPay.
The majority of changes in the commits is them just changing the pictures used in the app and also renaming titles. I have checked the commit log and a good 10+ commits are just changing image files. I’m guessing the customisation guide found on the NEMPay docs was used

I am confused why there is 4 repos. The NEMPay wallet is a cross platform app that will build to all platforms from one code base i.e why there is only 1 NEMPay repo needed

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Hi Takeuchi,
You are pretty close to correct the shelterDAO wallet app is a copy of the NEMPay mobile app, NEMPay is distributed as open source for any organization or individual to use and download on Github you can find more information on it here: Our intention is not to take credit for the app but is to bring a working product, a mosaic mobile wallet available on iOS and Android devices for the community to download, we found no real need to change the readme file in github.
Thank you for reaching out and we look forward to answering any other questions you may have.

ShelterDAO CF

Hi xemnewbie,
It’s great to meet you! we are excited to know that you are interested in 3D printing technology, we believe its a revolutionary concept to build sustainable global communities, the 3D Concrete Printer comes in a shipping container as showed below:

Here are additional links for more information :slight_smile:
Machines 3D:
3D construction in action:

shelterDAO CF

Hi Flash Gordon,
Yes you are correct we copied and used NEMPay code ("Distributed as an open source solution, organizations and individuals can take advantage of NEMPay, using it as a boilerplate for creating their own NEM applications. An example of use case is the creation of an app to transfer assets such as tickets, coupons, stocks or even share representation, cutting cost of acquisition, as there is no need to code a new app."QUOTED FROM you can also find more about it here: & here: To answer your confusion we built 4 repos for testing on Github (“Built for developers GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers.” QUOTED FROM Github).

Thank you for your support and we’ll be here to answer any further questions you may have :slight_smile:

shelterDAO CF

I didn’t want to address it publicly but there was a security reason of not releasing the NEMPay wallet on the mainnet. So if you guys haven’t found the problem yet, better ask me or someone else (who create it) on priv or you will have some major problem soon.


So it makes dwellings out of concrete?
Have you considered the environmental impacts of concrete?

The 3D constructor currently prints with concrete. It is true that to create and manufacture concrete emits more co2 than to manufacture wood but it is more thermal efficient and will cut need for heating and cooling, the life span of concrete also outlasts other building materials which reduce the need for reproduction of the material. In conventional construction there is a high amount of waste with extra materials sent straight to the dump, With the 3D constructor you have the building designed and programed for overall efficiency an durability and you have no extra materials being sent to the dump. Overall the concrete printing machine is less harmful to the environment than other traditional construction methods.

This is only one of the building methods we will be using, depending on the most practical and sustainable method for the location. We are also interested in reusing shipping containers, as well as refurbishing older buildings if we are in a big city.

Thank you for your consideration.
Jess at shelterDAO

The world is big, but not so big online. I urge everyone beware of “founder” Alberto Molina.
I have known him for 10+ years and he is a cheat and liar from Mexico. Avoid investing in any of his half thought ideas. Also, great job ripping off NEM. :+1:

Hi mxelpas0sanan, according to you it looks like you’ve been following me for 10 years but I can’t find you on my friends list or social media contacts. Please provide your facebook page, linkedin, or any pictures of you or photos of me and you spending time together over the last 10 years. Please share that information openly here so everybody can see, also I looked at your mxelpas0sana account to see if I could find more info and it looks like your account was created only 20 hours ago so I am a bit confused.

If you can’t provide any of the asked for information, I don’t think anyone here cares for a reply back, Wish you good luck my secret admirer.

shelterDAO CF

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