Should I calculate mosaic transfer fee using the current supply?


I implemented mosaic transfer program but I got FAILURE_INSUFFICIENT_FEE.

The supply of the mosaic I want to transfer was changed from 10,000 to 15,000 but I calculated the transfer fee using the initial supply(10,000).

In NEM NIS API Documentation, mosaic transfer fee seems to be calculated with initial supply of the mosaic.

But in NemWallet, mosaic transfer fee is calculated using the current total supply of the mosaic.

  • Which is correct? Should I calculate mosaic transfer fee using the initial supply or the currenty total supply?

  • If I should use the current total supply, can I use “/mosaic/supply” API used in NemWallet ? The API is not listed in NEM NIS API Documentation.



Yes you should use the total supply, not the initial one.

For your mosaic, it is actually a big change in case your divisibility is 0. With a supply of 10k, you fall into “small supply mosaic”, for which sending always costs 0.05 XEM (min fee). This is to provide small entreprises a static fee calculation.

With 15k though, you dont fall into this category anymore, and you must calculate the fee by first converying the amount into a XEM amount.

The /mosaic/supply endpoint was added later on and the docs were not updated. It is the correct way to calculate your total supply :ok_hand:

Regarding the fee calculation, you can have a look here:


Thank you for detailed answer.

I understand that I should use the current total supply for calculating mosaic transfer fee.

And I also understand that I can use “/mosaic/supply” endpoint to get the current total supply.

Thank you again.