Silver coin project

What happen with silver coin project
Any updated

Look what makoto had tell

The problem is that it is a lot of work to get the silver coin project going. So we need someone who is doing all the work and is trustable. I think there is a candidate but I am not sure.

I am in very early discussions with one Nemster who has been with us since the start.

For what exactly
For run the silver coin project ??

Yes exactly. It will be a lot of effort to supervise the project.

i think that project can go live


There is still 211.885.447 coins in the XEM account for Silver Coins. I was thinking what is going to happen to tha account on the CAT migration?
I think people who are here since the beginning will really appreciate to have this silver coins or at least have his part of this in his new CAT account on the migration. Maybe other opt-in for initials stakeholders will be great.

Thank you



its not about value its about a visible symbol that u are a loyal supporter since the start

so yes i agree all initial share addresses owners that at opt-in have same or bigger balance tgen starting share shoukd get a symbolic reward it doesnt matter if its just a value 50$ silvercoin

that there only exist like 500 of them give them value

its our superbowl ring we deserve


Can we get anyone to comment on this? What will happen to these funds during the migration to CAT?

I haven’t seen any official mention of a plan for the 211.885.447 coins.


Any coment any menber of the Migration Comitee?
Would like to know whats gonna happen with this, but I think is a good and easy moment to give to the real owners how are the firts believers in NEM what was promise to them.