Simple Question! Is a CSV export useful?

CSV export for transactions in explorer/wallet.
CSV export for harvesting in explorer/wallet.


  1. Equal opportunities for all users.
  2. A CSV export in the wallet makes the user independent of tracking.
  3. Would free up resources for explorer. Again, efficiency should play the role.
  4. Would simplify the use of the explorer, as some transfers are not filterable. This would be easier in a CSV file.
  5. A better user experience, as collected information that is publicly available can be accessed by a normal user in a clear format.
  6. Easy import of data into tax programmes without having to rely on the API. Which would also support the spread of Symbol.
  7. … ?


  1. … ?



nice idea,
I dont see any disadvantages…


100% Just copy etherscan. Would make everyone’s life simpler

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Absolutely useful and maybe necessary for some people. I do so many crypto transactions that I depend of CVS exports to verify and apply other math analysis to my transactions.

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For my own understanding, isn’'t there already a CSV export button on the wallet?
What am I missing?

Hi @Xavi, sorry for the late reply.

Yes, this CSV export button exists.
But for the simple user a CSV export button is of relatively little use. There is also the download, but what use is it to the user if the CSV file contains hardly anything useful.
It is also clear to me that the priorities are set a little differently by those responsible. Nevertheless this is wrong. There will always be something more important.
A usable CSV export should be there from the beginning. It should grow with the Wallet(or Explorer(or the development of the Blockchain)).
This is not the case.
One of the problems is that the technical point of view is taken here.
Perhaps you should look at the CSV export from a user’s perspective.

  • tx-type … important
  • status … important
  • hash … important
  • paid fee … important
  • amount … important
  • mosaic … important
  • block height … important
  • time of transaction (Date) … important
  • deadline … yep, maybe later important
  • signature … mmhh
  • signer_public_key … mmhh
  • from (sender) … important
  • to (recipient) … important
  • Message … important
  • harvested blocks … important

All internal transactions of an aggregate transaction should also be displayed here.
If the transactions concern the corresponding account.


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I believe this is valuable feedback. If you haven’t done it yet, I would add it to a github issue so it does not get lost in the barrage. I am afraid the forum is a bit too noisy.

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