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2 BIG dreams and one secret wish
An intro to my story of world-changing experience

A couple of years ago I met a friend of mine I knew since childhood. And after a warm greeting, he strictly asked me: “Pavlo, WTF? how could it happen that the world is still full of evil, suffering and unhappy people?”
I was really ashamed to hear that and didn’t know what to answer. To explain the reason for the question and my own reaction we need to go 30 years back… Let’s do it;)

In 1989 I was a 1st-grade pupil.


My first teacher, Victoria Gladkaya, asked us to write the first essay on “Your 3 most secret wishes.” The essays were presented to all parents at the parents’ class meeting. And it was probably the only meeting in which my grandmother (I lived with her those days back) came overfilled with pride for her grandson - for me:). Later on, I spoiled a lot of my teachers’ nerves at school and of my parents at home, but that meeting was my super bowl!
My grandmother worked as a workshop foreman at a sewing factory. And for the essay I wrote at school, she received an official gratitude "For an exemplary grandson raising”. Those days this was a big honour for the whole family!

The funny thing is that my essay was as short as 3 sentences. Here they are:

"My 3 most secret wishes:

  1. I want ALL people on Earth to be HAPPY.
  2. I want people to NEVER DIE.
  3. I want a rain of chewing gums to come. "

Quite trivial wishes, I guess. But what was is it that delighted my first teacher and how was official gratitude explained to my grandmother? Any ideas?:slight_smile:
Please, share your thoughts within this topic in comments!
Especially if you had such an essay when you were a child - I’d be happy to hear what your biggest dreams were in childhood - and what do you dream about today. Has anything changed?:wink:
You know, now, on my 36th year of life, I would’ve changed only one secret wish…

The story to be continued - I’ll tell the reason of why I did such a personal revelation out here, on NEM forum, and what actually happens with my wishes after 30 years.
And of course - share your own thoughts - they’ll be rewarded! We prepare special gifts for all who are NOT AFRAID of revealing what he thought of as a child.
I know it needs the courage to post such personal things in a forum:) C’mon, be brave!


Revelations to come!))) Since childhood I dreamed of treating or let’s say - curing - people. For some reason, it always seemed to me that something was wrong with all others. As a result, I did not become a doctor, but I’m deep into coaching and tuition as one of my personal hobbies just because I realized that everyone had problems not with health - but within heads. And we should not heal, but teach;) People will cure themselves with the right guidance.

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When is it going to be a movie? hahaha

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waiting for part two

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Yes, you are right!
First Act about our team

It came soon!

We started our topic in irregular way, but We build a platform using NEM blockchain. We show the result of our work to Rickardo Medrano and Thanh Le, when they visited Ukraine last week.

and they advise starting a topic in NEM forum to describe our platform. So we did it )


Our second video about Skillonomy and global educational revolution

  1. P2P education
  2. Success fee business model
  3. Productive action tracking and tokenization
  4. DAO organization principle
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Hi, I have watch your presentation.
I don’t understand everything but this is a great idea.
You operate a complete change in mentality and this will be the more difficult for people
and even for students to understand.
I am not a dev, I am working on how to tokenise various activities and earn money for communities.
Will be happy to help.

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Thanks for your post. It’s really impotent for us to have such support. I send you my skype and mail to have more communication about Skillonomy and how we can cooperate. - Also we prereared presentation about Skillonomy

It’s time to demonstrate how we connect our web platform with NEM blockchain.

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Update from Skillonomy which include new partnership, conference participation, team grow, white paper, interview, platform update.
Let’s start with our first English language interview for our friends Dem and Tamer from sunny Melbourne, the CryptoClass project.
Big THANK YOU to Thanh Le, NEM Sydney Leader, for arranging this awesome interview!

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I am proud to announce our partnership with blockchain developers company Dataspark These guys also known in NEM community because of organizing first NEM meet up in Kyiv 7.11.2017


Our new great partnership with There are two PhD Math expert work in Garuda. And they help us to build exellent token model with formal verification and math model-based testing. I dont know is there any other blockchain startup which made so deep research. May be,

we will be the first!

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Skillonomy - start spreading and opened official English language medium blog! Clap us gently ).

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We have some news! First of all, now we have our own cool flag!
And with flag and our team, we organize Skillonomy Crypto BBQ on a picturesque bank of the Dnieper river in Kyiv.