Snapshot completed with NEM wallet XYM not delivered to wallet address

Snapshot completed with NEM wallet XYM not delivered to wallet address.

I completed the snapshot process but did not receive the XYM in my Symbol wallet when signing in with the provided Symbol wallet information (After snapshot).

If there is anything I am missing, please advise.

Thank you in advance.

Please give your NEM address. You mean opt-in process, right?


I believe that I had completed the Opt-in process for Symbol, yes.

When I click on the “Services” tab in the NEM desktop app/launcher it states “Opt In has finished, please update your wallet to get the latest details”.

I had then downloaded the Symbol wallet/launcher and it was not accredited.

I appreciate your help btw.

No. You did not optin. You have this message because Optin is ended.
You had a balance at snapshot block so you will be able to claim post-launch.
The process will be done using the NEM desktop wallet and will start in a few weeks. You will have 6 years to claim tokens.
Please follow our social media or just check again in a few weeks. Make sure that you will not lose your NEM address private key because without access to the address you will be not able to claim XYM tokens.

You’re the best, thank you.