So, about the branding

I don’t think the commitee only has one such proposal. I would assume they have at least a second proposal up their sleeves. If the community were to vote no, I don’t think they’d want to wait a long time to come-up with a new one. My assumption is, that there is at least a second name and second logo. Imho that’d have been the smart thing to do on their part.
So, if there actually is a 2nd proposal, I’d honestly like to hear/see it. I’m sure the commitee had good reason not to do that (if there even is a backup) but wouldn’t it be fair for the community to get to see both and vote on both? I mean if a 2nd one exists then that was paid for right ? I can’t imagine payment for it being conditional on whether or not it is needed.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


I wanted to choose a name from four or five alternatives. I thought I was going to be voted.
But it was not.

I wanted to decide the name by everyone’s vote.

The “symbol” maybe a chain of the NEM Foundation for commercial purposes.

It is not a community-driven public chain project. (It is similar to Ripple.)

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